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Executive Protection

Unlike a majority of industry service providers our experience in the industry is centered on the customer vantage point in security management.  With over 16 years of experience as an internal employee managing corporate security programs, environmental health and safety services, security systems design consultation, armed protection details, and instructing elite LEO and Military operators, our Founder and President presents a refreshing change from the median. With key insight into today’s operational standards, vulnerabilities and governmental requirements, Echelon is well poised to present a well rounded security and safety program that aligns with the our customers strategic business planning.

The Operational Management Team is comprised of former Law Enforcement, Marine Corps, Army and Navy tier1 operators that apply a sense of commitment and urgency to supporting and leading our staff to provide a different level of service perfection that sets Echelon Security apart within the industry.

When Echelon Security provides a bid response we outline not only a commitment to the required scope of services, we also tell you specifically the names and backgrounds of those Echelon Security Professionals that will be assigned to your site. We believe in an open book philosophy in regards to our pricing, billing, and placement. A security solutions provider needs to have a program focused on trust and maintaining that trust. Echelon Security initiates this fundamental trust beginning with our proposals and continues it during our entire partnership.


We always work closely with all our clients. It is important to feel safe with us and only as you know us will you trust us beyond just a professional scope, looking at the relationship we build for the safety of all that you hold valuable.