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Reception Staffing

At Echelon Security we realize that Receptionists are corporate ambassadors. Often times the first person a clients visiting customer may speak to before an important meeting. They are also in many cases the first person that each corporate employee seeing when coming into work.

With this in mind we’ve tailored a specialized selection process and training program for our assigned receptionists. Our recruiting strategy is unique to the security industry.  We have the ability to be very selective in our hiring and recruiting processes.  We begin each strategy for recruiting with the unique steps we take in recruiting individuals we suspect have the potential of becoming tier one employees. Ensuring that we not only have the right person for the job, but that the person assigned has the resources and training to provide the added value that Echelon Security brings to the market.

Receptionists must:

  1. Advocate for the physical security of the client’s campus
  2. Set an example as part of the security force and its initiatives
  3. Show clear and effective communications skills
  4. Stay connected to the client
  5. Have a firm understanding of expectations
  6. Be First Aid CPR, AED trained