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IT Security Solutions

Exceptional security assessments start with a thorough understanding of your business and require knowledge of the entire operational environment, from business processes to policy mandated levels of trust. We could run a few tools and print out thick reports that made it look like we did a big job but we choose to do manual analysis and focus on the areas that matter the most to you. This allows us to return to you a report that is relevant to your organization and has value.

How does it work?

Our team travels to your location to do on-site data collection and analysis. Then we do additional work off-site to research specific issues regarding your infrastructure and document our findings and recommendations. We schedule projects so that we are typically on-site for less than a calendar week and we usually deliver reports within two weeks of commencing the on-site work.

The Team

It’s about the people and the passion. Whether we are assessing your security, creating free security audit tools ,or doing groundbreaking security research to help our clients better understand security risk, our team is passionate about security. With a proven team, leveraging a risk-based approach that focuses discovery and analysis on areas


Echelon's security assessments services include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Security Assessments
  • Internal IT Security Assessments

These services do vary to address various compliance issues, including: PCI, FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, etc.