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Threats Assessment

Threats facing an executive vary widely depending on the size of the company, the industry it belongs to and the individual executive's profile. Clients in oft-targeted sectors such as the financial services, pharmaceutical and energy industries, and those with executives based overseas, worry about kidnapping, carjacking, mail-borne explosives, biological agents and eco-terrorism. Threatening letters and e-mails and workplace violence fill out the list.

That’s why it is critical to select an experienced Protective Services Provider to evaluate your threat in a thorough risk assessment prior to onsite staffing assignments. Based on what the protection team learns about its subjects, Clients will start to get a picture of what kinds of security measures you'll need to take. Some companies find that their executives need very little protection. Others need a 24/7 command post set up in their home. You should also consider whether your industry has a standard for executive protection. Companies in high-risk industries might find that there are some common levels of protection used for their executives. Researching common protective measures in your industry can enable you to benefit from others' experience.

Common threats

  • kidnapping
  • carjacking
  • terrorism
  • threatening letters
  • threatening emails
  • biological agents
  • explosive packages
  • workplace violence