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Specialty Training

Echelon Security provides Law Enforcement training courses with real world high speed low drag based scenarios. A majority of our courses are not open to the general public. Participants are required to show proof of employment as a current domestic and or international security contractor (international contractors must be US employed) or valid credentials as a sworn law enforcement officer. Echelon does offer state security armed guard certification courses that are open to the general public. All student applicants must have a valid driver’s license and a clean criminal record with no exceptions.

Attendees are welcome to utilize personal equipment only after a thorough safety and reliability review by Echelon Security. Attendees are also welcome to utilize rental equipment provided by Echelon Security for an additional fee.

Persons interested in Instructor Certification are required to submit a resume listing applicable experience, undergo a background screening, and complete a proficiency test.

Training courses are primarily held at our private range facility in the Silicon Valley CA. Custom training courses utilizing air support or water to land deployments will be scheduled at different locations depending upon the curriculum needs. Do to the sensitive assignments of both the Echelon Security Instruction Staff and our students no photography of any kind is allowed. All cameras and cell phones with picture capability will not be allowed within the premises of the training courses.

Our classes are required by our employees but we also offer training to anyone interested.